Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19 ~ Time to Bump Up To Tree Sleeves

4 of the Brugmansia Sanguineas were ready to be bumped up into tree sleeves today!  Here are some updated photos so that you can see how it's going.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Recently I was asked if I would post what we do when we take tip cuttings so that folks can see why it takes
so long to get a plant from us.  These are B. Sanguinea 'Karma' cuttings and we take the very tip.  As you can see there is also larger ones, Sanguinea are hard to root and we don't like them to get to large.

When they reach a certain size they will get their own pot and these are about 11 months old.

This is the size we like to sell and in the 10 to 12" size and still in a protective area.

This one will go out into the garden next season as in a tree sleeve so that it can be sunk into a one gallon pot and that can be sunk into the ground.

We are not selling any this year due to filling commitments and loosing a few plants due to the hail storms we had early in the season, we had to cut them back. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

At our garage sale I purchased from my friend some awesome pots and plant stand which I repainted.  I then decided I needed to find some special plants for these.  Abutilon/Fowering Maple was what I went with.  A. 'Challo' is the orange colored  and 'VooDoo' which is a deep read and hasn't flowered yet.  This brings our collection of these up to 4. Our other plants which are a red and 'Bengal Tiger' are old enough last fall to  attempt to get cuttings from.   So far so good!!
Update on the new Brugmansia Seedling, just watchin' them grow!!   Love the bottles as you can see the root system and track their progress.  Another few weeks and some of them will be ready for the tree pots.   Today I'll give them their first diluted feeding if they are over 8" tall.  On the far end are my newest European seedlings, which sprouted in just days of being received!!  TY Mike and Gilly!!