Thursday, December 26, 2013

Handmade Purses

My sister sent me a few patterns and since we have turned really cold it was time to start the inside projects and as you can see I'm hooked!  Yes, these are for sale.

                                         Cancer Purse             SOLD
                                         I have enough fabric to make one more

Southwest motif in reds and blues      $30

Southwest motif in blues and greens    $30

Southwest motif in golds and yellows      $30       SOLD

Re-purposed denim, two outside pockets      
English print canvas    $30
Backside of English Print canvas
Inside of English Print canvas

Re-purposed denim         $25

Pocket Purses      $5 each

Baseball Purse       $30
Satin                 $40
Re-purposed denim child's bag            $10

Flower canvas                
#2 Flower canvas          $30
#3 Flower canvas       $30
I will add more when they are finished.
#4 Flower print            $30

Black flower print/ no pockets      $20
Yellow iris             sold
Flamingo             $20

Pink and Purple flower      $20

Newest additions

Orange Messenger Bag

Cream Canvas Messenger Bag

Canvas Bag w/brown flowered lining
Upholstery fabric  $20

Upholstery fabric $20

reversible bags  $15
reversible in shades of purple  $15
Brown and black print  $15

net bag w/silver straps  $2
Small net bag with cream straps $2

Med net bag with cream straps $4

fabric used

Small denim bag    $25

Large denim bag  $35

Inside large denim bag to show pockets.

Med pocket bag w/wrist strap   $15
Black Canvas with floral pint inside.  sold
Reversible Baseball  $25
Inside the above bag.
Red canvas w/black floral print.      Gift
My new leather tote.  Pockets inside and out.
I have made three of these now one for the yard and one for the threads.
One needs a place to put their patterns!  
Here is the shot of the inside so you can see the pockets.

If you don't see what you want, you can email me and make arrangements
to send me the fabric and I can make something for you.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I spent a morning in the Brug House doing some clean up.  Need to spend a full day this weekend to strip off
leaves as they are really starting to grow.  I was greeted by B. 'Wild Thing' in full bloom and the fragrance forced me out after just a half hour of work.  I did get to cross a few of her blooms.

She is just so breath taking!!

I have also been watching a couple seedpods on B. Shorty's Variegated and I know these maybe albinos but one just has to play.  I also have one from B. 'Karma' that was done in early spring.

For those of you wondering about my Ludger Project plants, we didn't push these the first year as we
want the best plants we can get so we allowed them to grow naturally the first year.
As you can see they are all happy campers, will bump up into gallon pots in the spring.

Last we have a new sport on the TNN's Reverse Variegated stump  after we removed all the grow from this year!!  When I get time I have some information on what this plant did this past season to share.  I can report that the cutting we took is starting to send off new leaves! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Come On Old Man Winter!!

I pushed myself today to complete all the outside fall chores and can gladly state the rain barrels are all
clean and ready to be filled with rain.  All I have left is to rake/vac or pick up leaves as they fall.  I have the
front yard edged and the patio furniture all put away.  The heaters are in place in both greenhouses so we can now coast.   Are you ready for Old Man Winter??

Thursday, October 31, 2013

JT Session's

A few years ago I got seeds from JT and I just don't push the plants as I have in the past.  This one was allowed to grow naturally.  Each year she didn't bloom so I would hope for the next year.  On Monday this is what I found when I opened the brug house!  WOW!!  She is breath taking, thank you.

For those of you with the old ABADS color chart she is #255,122,122 for the deepest shade and 255, 168, 168 for the lightest shade.  The bloom is 10 inches with tendrils measuring 2 and 1/2 inches.There is a fragrance but it's one I can't define.  Pollen is going to be saved.  The only pollen I have available is Shorty's variegated so we hybridized this one.

11/12/2013 bloom, which we crossed with pollen from B. 'Wild Thing.'

We are sorry to report we have lost this Brugmansia.