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Ludger's Aurea Seeds Research Project

 January 22, 2013 I received some exciting new seeds from Ludger whom lives in Germany and soaked them on our karma cocktail for the next 24 hours.  On the 23 they were all planted and moved to the spare
bedroom under lights due to it was to cold to move them to the greenhouse.  On the first of February I was able to get them to the greenhouse and place them on the heat bed, noting they were starting to break ground.  I'm just so excited to get these seeds!

Bottle #1   la  X  Yellow, 10 seeds,  hard to peel -thick cork
Bottle #2   Schlossburg  X  Pink Aurea, 10 seeds, soft cork and easy to peel, 2 found empty
Bottle #3   deep red sang. hybrid  X  SV, 64 seeds, very slimy and was not able to peel due to the small nature in size and couldn't grip.
Bottle #4    la  X  2, 10 seeds, hard cork with one tiny seed out of the 10
Bottle # 5  Yellow  X   2,  2 seeds, soft slimy cork but easy to peel.
Bottle # 6   2  X  Yellow,  3 seeds, easy to peel.
Bottle # 7   Yellow  X  pla,   10 seeds, these were the greatest to peel, seeds were starting to open.
Bottle # 8   2  X  la,  20 seeds, largest of the seeds received and easy to peel.

I will try to take photos on a weekly bases as these grow in the greenhouse if weather permits.  Now for the photos and allowing them to grow!!  We have also put all photos at our PhotoBucket site under Ludger project:

Recieved 1/22/2013
Soaking seeds

                                                                        Doc all the information

Seed photos

Bottle #1
Bottle #2

Bottle # 3  Sad to say I forgot to take a photo of the seeds..

Bottle #3 planted.
 Bottle #4

Bottle #5

Bottle #6

Bottle # 7
Bottle #8

All the cork removed!

Ready to plant!!

Planted and marked.
All recorded
February 4th, 2 days after moving to the greenhouse.

February 14th

February 22nd

Had to remove the cork on some of the seeds, just hope they
keep growing.

February 28, 2013

Just watchin' them grow!!
 March 5th, 2013, time to rotate the tray!!

March 13, 2013 outside after the roof is off, noticing some slowing in growth.

March 23, 2013 experiencing much cooler weather.

March 31, 2013......still much colder than normal.
April 16, 3013, frost a couple times and I'm getting worried that they maybe getting to cold due to the color some of them are turning.  We are to hit 70s by this weekend so hopefully the cold is past us.  I need one more set of leaves before moving them to the bottles.  I have sent off a email to the hybridzer letting him know I have left the garden site where these were to be tested, so it's his call if I cull or continue this project this year.

I have been working hard on bumping all those seedlings up that now have their second set of leaves.  I now have room in the older greenhouse for them so they aren't getting to much sun as they were in the Brug House with the roof plastic removed.  They seem happier in there now and will be moving them back when I can get some of the eppies moved upward to cut the sun.
May 1, 2013 before the move and being bumped up.

As you can see they are still popping up so the larger ones will get bumped into the cups behind.

As you can see I didn't give them much room to sprout in and it really made for a better plant, when trans planting most had roots our of the bottom.

 A happy seedling!!

First ones done!!  Cups were labeled and these will rest a week before the first fertilizer will be given.

Some really happy seedlings!!  Loving all the light and some added warmth.  I also have some other seedlings that needed to be bumped up so these aren't all Ludger's Aurea Project.

Still have some that need to grow more and seeds are still sprouting.

5/8/2013, today the ones in the cups got their first feeding of Kelp water. : )

5/16/2013Just watchin' them grow!!

Seedlings are still popping up!!  Front are small cuttings of a Sanguinea done this week.

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