Thursday, October 31, 2013

JT Session's

A few years ago I got seeds from JT and I just don't push the plants as I have in the past.  This one was allowed to grow naturally.  Each year she didn't bloom so I would hope for the next year.  On Monday this is what I found when I opened the brug house!  WOW!!  She is breath taking, thank you.

For those of you with the old ABADS color chart she is #255,122,122 for the deepest shade and 255, 168, 168 for the lightest shade.  The bloom is 10 inches with tendrils measuring 2 and 1/2 inches.There is a fragrance but it's one I can't define.  Pollen is going to be saved.  The only pollen I have available is Shorty's variegated so we hybridized this one.

11/12/2013 bloom, which we crossed with pollen from B. 'Wild Thing.'

We are sorry to report we have lost this Brugmansia.


Also today I walked away from FaceBook, let's just say I'm not a FB type of person.  Social media, well leaves much to desire in my book.  All this sharing of information ??   For those of you that love your privacy I totally understand as in the past few years I was there I learned way to much and there just isn't enough room on one's head for all that information.   I deleted information on a daily based and it still wasn't enough.
I loved playing those games with family and friends but life was just getting in the way and I need to find a
difference way to relax.  Now with both greenhouses up and running I'll relax out there.  So goodbye FaceBook and you can reach me here or by email.  Those that have the cell can text me anytime, but remember my phone keeps my desk company more than my pocket! : )

Our Dad

What a difference a few days make.  On Monday 10/28/2013, our Dad passed away after a brief fight with lung cancer.   I do thank those family and friends whom keep popping in to visit him in his final days and for those of you that posted photos of him on FB.  My niece Stacey posted the last photo she took and it's the best we have see Dad look in months.  I dearly thank her for the photo she shared.  Keep him in your hearts until we see him again.  I know he is with brother Marc.  Rest in Peace Dad!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

So sorry I have not been keeping this up, lots have been going on here and it's time to start keeping
the blog updated.

The big news is I have gotten DH on the same page, it's time to sell the house!  I have talked to a Realtor
and the next step is to start looking for a different place to live.  It all came to head when we found that
one of our neighbors hung their kill all day Monday in the front tree. The hunting gear is all over the front yard and who cares?  Then the other neighbor had a trailer of mill end dropped at the curb and did nothing with it.  Yes it's still laying where it was dropped, one opens the door in the morning to this view.

We have worked hard to make our property what it is today and look at our home as an investment.  Sorry others in the neighborhood don't share this idea.  It is time to find a new place!!