Thursday, October 31, 2013


Also today I walked away from FaceBook, let's just say I'm not a FB type of person.  Social media, well leaves much to desire in my book.  All this sharing of information ??   For those of you that love your privacy I totally understand as in the past few years I was there I learned way to much and there just isn't enough room on one's head for all that information.   I deleted information on a daily based and it still wasn't enough.
I loved playing those games with family and friends but life was just getting in the way and I need to find a
difference way to relax.  Now with both greenhouses up and running I'll relax out there.  So goodbye FaceBook and you can reach me here or by email.  Those that have the cell can text me anytime, but remember my phone keeps my desk company more than my pocket! : )

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