Thursday, October 31, 2013

JT Session's

A few years ago I got seeds from JT and I just don't push the plants as I have in the past.  This one was allowed to grow naturally.  Each year she didn't bloom so I would hope for the next year.  On Monday this is what I found when I opened the brug house!  WOW!!  She is breath taking, thank you.

For those of you with the old ABADS color chart she is #255,122,122 for the deepest shade and 255, 168, 168 for the lightest shade.  The bloom is 10 inches with tendrils measuring 2 and 1/2 inches.There is a fragrance but it's one I can't define.  Pollen is going to be saved.  The only pollen I have available is Shorty's variegated so we hybridized this one.

11/12/2013 bloom, which we crossed with pollen from B. 'Wild Thing.'

We are sorry to report we have lost this Brugmansia.

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