Friday, January 24, 2014

Spring Is Coming

January 23, 2014 the first signs of spring in the garden!!

These are the first small crocus to appear.  

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter in the Brug House.

Today was a great day to play in the Green Houses.  Here are some shots of what is happening.

Seedpods on B. Shorty's Variegated X B. Frosty Pink X B. Wild Thing.  Had to mix the pollen as I didn't have enough of either.
B. Wild Thing X B. Shorty's Variegated X B. TNN Reverse Variegated sport.  These seedpods appear like long green beens, almost a foot long.
This bud is on the B. TNN's Reverse Variegated sport that I removed and rooted in the fall.  This sport was solid in leaf color unlike the mom plant that is reverse variegated.
Here is my baby seedlings from the Ludger Project, can't wait to see them take off this spring.  I don't push them the first year and found that by not pushing they become a better plant in the long run.
This is the Mom B. TNN's Reverse Variegated that I have been testing since 2005 for Terra Nova Nursery.  Last year we had a sport that was solid green that we removed and now seeing it bloom.  Shortly after moving this to the Brug House she toss off this albino sport.  As you can see there are two other albino sports forming.  There is also a green shoot behind the large Albino.  We keep them stripped during the winter months but was surprised to see the small spot of green.  Warming up outside and I can't wait to start moving the collection outside.