Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 6th, 2014

Back yard at 10 AM removed the first couple inches.

Front yard.

By 4PM I have shoveled more than 8 inches of
snow.  Still falling and more to come!!

It started to snow around 9AM and still snowing as I type!!  It closed down Portland OR and all the local schools will take a snow day tomorrow!!

Last of the snow photos, thank goodness it was all gone in a couple days!!

My favorite fat robin looking for food!

Snow even on the phone!! :  )  It was that bad!!

As you can see I kept the deck free of snow and it really was a chore.  I measured close to 10 inches on the deck.  This is the circle bed to the west of the house.

A look out the front door.

A look down the path just east of the house.

As you can see we shovel out a way from the drive way so we can get out.  We won't see a snow plow so we are on our own.