Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Will They Stay??

As many of my closest friends know we last year talked about putting our home up for sale and this is why
I haven't posted to the blog in the past couple months.  DH after encountering yet another issue with the one neighbors in yet another drug bust finally agreed to start looking.  We met with a market annalist and was shocked that his paperwork came in so low after we were told by a real estate agent she could get around
$300,000 for our home last year.  We knew that we needed to paint the trim as it was faded outside and whom is going to love the Baby Pink interior walls like we do, so that all needed to be done.  The deck needs to be stained and the list goes on.  So I have been going down the list to make sure our home is in the
best shape for the next owners.  We looked at maybe two dozen homes and found a few that we thought we
liked to find one got sold, the other went back to the bank so we wait and the last one is way over priced but a great area.

Then my mother's brothers came to pay us a visit.   I was asked by them both how could I leave my gardens?   It's not hard if you knew what my neighbors were like, they visited on a good day!

Well that was two weeks ago and to make the story short, I was in the old greenhouse to take down the old plastic to put up new so that the new owners wouldn't have to right away when I found a serious problem.
The base of the old greenhouse had turned to mush due to the wood used was untreated.   We had talked about build the same that was there until we priced it all out.  That is what sent me on another mission, like I needed another thing to do, right??  For a week solid I priced greenhouse kits and narrowed it down to just 4, in this time we removed the old greenhouse.  After a serious discussion we decided that only two fit the space and I decided that only one is what I really wanted.  So I looked at the site I bookmarked and found that they were out of stock.  So again I searched the web and found the same thing offered at Sears.  So DH ordered it on his day off.  Surprise!!  Here is the website:

More to come........  We are staying and will update when I have time on another post.  I need to gather all
the information on the greenhouse and get that updated also.  Pinch me!!

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