Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Highlights In The Garden

The yard was so breath taking this year with the mulch and the flowers took off like crazy due to the new fertilizer I have been using.  Here are some Highlights:

I harvested seedpods that were created during the winter months, B. 'Wild Thing' created by Mike U. X B. Dorthea X B. El Dorado created by JT S.

                                                           Our lovely back yard
                                                             Our lovely front yard.
                       Our newest addition to our collection, Columbine/Aquilegis f var p.k. 'Rosea".
                                                     One of our deep red lillies
                                     Moved all the Brugmansia out except the really special ones.
 Some of my Ludger's Project and new seedlings.  I have 6 flats like this ready to go out this year.
         Re oiling the west deck area, earlier in May the whole inside of the house was painted.
                     Starting this year's garden, cutting way back since there is just us old folks.
Life is good!!  Finally getting the brugmansias out into the garden area west of the house.  What a view and as they grow they will be move into the hosta beds.


                                             A few of my favorite tropicals for you to enjoy.

                                                   The Calla lilies are breath taking this year also.

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