Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Front Yard July 12, 2014

Come walk in my front yard, starting off with the Brugmansia starting to bud along the driveway

Two shots of Terra Nova's sport off TNN's reverse variegated.  They should open later in the week.

South side of the driveway.

Inside the front fence at the curb.

Looking into the front yard from the driveway.

North side of the driveway.

East side of the side parking area.

Memorial garden located in the center of the front yard.

Lilies area just south of the dogwood.

Rose 'Love Potion'

Front of the house where we had to move the Brugmansias this year due to the neighbor's fire pit.  They are loving the move and will greet the many visitors.

Our lovely hanging baskets this year.

Two of the callalilies.

 Just removed a couple Clematis due to they were all bloomed out and I didn't want them to reseed, they will return and bloom in the fall.

 Brugmansia 'Karma' in bud.

The new Brugmansia spot.

South Brugmansia spot where they get morning sun and afternoon shade.

More photos later.

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