Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Upon Request.......

I will be starting something new this next year.  Since I have one lady that makes requests for plants and knows I will only send when I know they are well established this is the route that I'm going to be taking this upcoming year.  Every year I do one B. Sanguinea 'Karma' on ebay so that plant is in the process of being rooted.  I will try to get a list of the Brugmansia that we currently have for you to select which one you want us to start.  We have taken cuttings already of a few that we know others have requested or wished they could purchase.  We will be doing each cutting in the cascade ice bottles so we can watch them root so we know when they are ready.  So far we have 'Karma,' "Frosty Pink' and B. Shorty's Variegated.  I just took a few more cuttings of the Sanguineas varieties.

So we will have a few odds and ends but would rather hear from you as to what you want rooted.
I will also be rooting some of the White Iochroma which we find will winter over here outside in
the pot.  We started our plant from seeds from Park seed, they were to be blue but we got a white one.

Remember that  these take time to root and we do small tip cuttings unless we have more that we can take.  Last spring we did take tip cuttings of the B. aurea hybrid 'Culebra' which are currently about 2 inches tall.  Keeping our toes cross as this one is becoming one of our favorite.  

We have also started some of the seeds last fall of the vulcanicola hybrids seeds we were able to obtain but have yet to see the plants bloom.  We have seen what someone else has posted on them on eBay so these might be exciting to some.

I have also started some seeds from the B. arborea Sorr of which I currently have two plants but have yet to see them bloom.

Also I have a couple other hybrids which I will list later beside my Ludger Aurea (pure) project that was started a couple of falls ago.  I have allowed these plants to grow naturally and no pushing as these are awesome plants.  I'm in hopes to get these into the ground this next spring as they getting huge.

List to come!

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