Thursday, June 22, 2017


Summer Time, let the watering begin.  Hey Mother Nature, with the record spring rains, why is it
that you allow us here in the PNW to go bone dry in the summer months?  Ya know the dancing
with the garden hose is getting a little hard with us that are aging fast!!  Come on and allow us at
least a few days of rain during the week?  With that stated ya all know where I am most of the day
and yes it's not here!!  We are currently seeing the first buds on the Brugmansias but are to have
record heat this weekend, come on 90s is hot for us but at least it's just a couple days here and
later.  Love the low 80s temps the best so I have made a request to her to knock off the heat.  And
whom said there was nothing to this Climate Change??  Oh yea, that guy that site in the golden
Trump Tower and doesn't garden!!   We here have noticed the change, didn't get our garden in
until the first of the month due to the snow on the mountains.  Ya know tomatoes need the heat and
the cold spring wasn't good for the corn crop either.  It's finally in and growing, what ya bet we will
have another bad winter??   Loved the 14 inches of snow but I left Nebraska for a reason!!  Yep we
had more snow then some of my friends back there.  We had over 16 inches this year!!  Unusual but
love the white stuff where I can see it on the mountains, not the valley floor where folks have no
clue how to drive in the snow and ice!!    One tends to stay home during those white days of winter!!

Back to the gardens....... almost done cutting back the spring bloomers here.  Just waiting for seeds on some of the plants.  Have finally brought out the summer tropicals!!   Have the greenhouse almost emptied out and stuff tucked into the Brug House where it is much cooler so they won't cook.  All that is left if one Brugmansia Shorty's Variegated and my variegated tomatoes!!  They both love and need the heat to take off.

The gardens are to die for this year now that we have some of the major issues behind us, still have
the fence to repair but losing the neighbors' three trees have made a world of difference!!   We will still have to deal with the other trees when they come down.  Plus it appears the legal system will be the route to go with dealing with these.  Don't ya just love your neighbors??  Lots of drama and no respect!!  Got to love the one that drives the motorcycle and revs up the engine before shutting it down in the garage every afternoon when it comes home.   Was talking to Code Enforcement the other afternoon when Voom Voom and the staffer heard what we deal with here as we were talking about property values and changing codes!!  Yes, putting on the old shoes again and ya know it's nice to hear County Staff tell you, you are right!!    Time to get one's taxes lower as the County isn't protecting our values!!   Off the soapbox and into the real world!!  Life is just so much fun at the end of the dead end lane!!  Whom said it was quite and no traffic???

 Y'll have a great summer and I'll try to pop in and add photos when I can.  

Friday, June 2, 2017

Annual Plant and Garage Sale Sat Only!!

That time of year for our annual sale, so if you are in the area stop by!  There will be no
garden tours and we ask if you want to tour the gardens, please make an appointment.   We
are a working garden so if there is something you want to see let us know.  Right now we
are in the process of cutting back the early spring bloomers and getting ready for summer
heat!   Our spring was a good one so things are slowly starting to wake up.

We do take special requests if you see something in the yard you want.  We will not dig after
the temp rise so you may have to wait until fall.