Friday, October 28, 2011

As you can see I have been playing again.  This seedpod dropped off the mother plant, B. Sanguinea 'Karma' when I was moving another plant.  This seedpod was 2 days shy of being on the plant for 2 months.  As you can see the pod has an I on it.  This plant had 3 buds that we crossed at the same time, we lost the first seedpod over a month ago when moving the plant to it's winter home.  Nothing worth noting inside the pod when we opened it, so it was tossed.  Note the I on the outside of the pod, this is due to we decided to try to cross the 3 with Iochroma 'Royal Blue' pollen that we had been saving up from all the blooms.  I will say this out loud, we had no Brugmansia in bloom and the Datmansia out back only had one bloom.  The Iochroma 'Royal Blue had no blooms with pollen when we opened and crossed the 'Karma' when we did, the location was on the north side of the house.   To my knowledge no bees or critters had gotten into the calyx and again nothing on the north side of the house was in bloom.   To our surprise a few weeks later we saw the seedpod when we opened up the calyx, before moving the plants to the brug house is when we cut the calyx as you see above.
Here is the seedpod with the calyx removed.
Here is what was found when we cut open the seedpod.  Unexplained material that you would find when one hybridizes a Brugmansia? The larger brown is what one would consider Brugmansia seeds, but one sees the longer green material and in there are smaller like seedpods.
A side view of the seedpod.
All material removed from the seedpod.
All material was planted and placed in up under grow lights.

I was told I didn't do enough doc. on this crosses??

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Opened the Brugmansia house to find one of our B. Sanguinea Karma is in full bloom.  Got to find pollen to tickle her with! :  )
Starting to look bare out back with the Brugmansia all moved to their winter house and the hostas all cut back.
Today the removal of the Cyprus tree due to the roots were starting to kill off the hosta to the right back corner.  I'm so glad to see this one go!!    We removed the other two several years back so this one needed
to go too!  Next year the hibiscus right off the deck area will be moved to the front.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome to our Gardens!

Several folks have asked us again to start up a site on our gardens.  So here is the first post, above you will find where we keep a lot of our photos.  We sure hope that you will enjoy our gardens.