Friday, April 19, 2013

Time to go Under Ground!!

Sad to say this am I walked away from yet another garden site.  I was upset to find some of my work in their
registry and I had not put it there.  My research is just that and after seeing what I read I have asked that my
B. Sang. 'Karma' be removed from the registry, due to I was gifted seeds from a friend that was in Mexico and they thought I would love this plant.  After being told some of my Brugmansia have questionable history, I about fainted.  I have been told if you purchase a plant that you can ID it, you can give it a working name but it had to include the place you purchased it from.  They gave up the rights to the plant when you paid for it and if it had no name then it was okay to give it a working name.   So many times folks will just put a name on it to sell.  My early purchase of B. Jutner Orange was in reality B. Charles Grimaldi and later found out that, that name came from Europe due to a nursery couldn't sell it so they just changed the name.  Hence my B. Shorty's Variegated as I felt it needed more than just the name of the place purchased and to me it's more than just a NOID!!  So should I use it to hybridize?  To some no as it has no quality at all.  Wow, then all one has to do is look at a registry and see all the NOID crosses that were allowed to be registered?   At least I know the history of my Brugmansias.  Which now brings me to this point. If someone does a tissue culture of a plant someone thinks is worth creating do they get to register it with a name?   See how much this is confusing?
I have nothing to hide here and if my Hort/MG friends have led me down a path that is wrong, sorry but I would listen to them first!!

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