Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Epiphyllum / Orchid Cactus

As some of you know one of my passions is my hanging baskets of Eppies.  This year I found on Craigslist a man that had hanging baskets and pots, the price was reasonable so we went on an adventure to check out what he had.  It was a chance to get all my pots to match!!  Replace the ones that well it was a hazard to stand up under according to my husband.

Once you get your first Eppie to bloom you will be hooked on them. Very easy to care for and they will reward you with some awesome blooms.

Doesn't this look nice, matching pots all around.  Thank You Rod!!

When I talked to my sister yesterday I told here I would put up more photos of our cactus for her to take a look at, so here is more photos for you to enjoy.

E. Cereus

As the blooms fade then either drop or produce seedpods.

leaves shapes on one plant may also vary from long and round to really thin.
Partial shade or bright indirect light for best growing conditions in zones 8-9 and 14-24.  Considered a tropical not a desert cactus.  Plant needs rich, quick draining soil with sand.  Let cutting base of cactus dry for a day or two before planting.  Do not over water!!  To over winter these, they need to be in a frost protected area.  To fertilize these use a low-nitrogen fertilizer before and after blooming.  Hope this helps.

We were surprised this past week when we found a couple more late buds on some of our eppies, it's really late in the season for them to set buds and bloom.
E. Cereus


  1. ypu sell the epi catcus.please let me know since one of my friend is suffering from cancer and she absolutely loves epi catcus and i want to buy different colours for white red yellow. ........please please let me know. I really don't know how long she would live but still want to plant some for her. I ordered some online and they sent me Christmas cactus instead of the epi. But when i came across your blog it seems you are very knowledgeable about plants so if i buy from you then i know i am going to get the right please let me can email me at Thank you.

  2. Thank you Ankita, will send you a personal note. Again we do not ship when the weather gets colder and can send you to a site that might.