Friday, July 11, 2014

First week of July!

I am really having a problem keeping up with everything growing in the yard!  Veggie garden has taken off like gang buster and I have now gotten my Luger project set out.  I have special brugmansia in the new greenhouse and they are just loving it!!   I have listed a few plants that needed to find a new home on the local Craigslist and with the high temps I find myself with the watering can watering daily.  Who would think
the wet Pacific Northwest would see weeks in the high 80s and going upwards to the triple digits they say next week.  We have been super dry for our area also!

Here are the Highlights!!

The above three photos show where we have placed the Ludger's Project after trimming back the peonies to place the plants where they can be seen.  I have also removed all the pups from the larger nana.

Here is the first blooms off the Datmansia for this year, these are plants off the huge mom roots.  Mom plant didn't return after having her for 10 years.   You can tell them are off the roots as to their locations.  All seedpods were collected so we just might have to start over.  Love the yellow highlights.  Yes you can cross a Brugmansia with a Datura!  Try it.

A look to the north of the hosta bed, got to love that PVC fence!!

What is currently inside the new Greenhouse, I'm thinking I should of gotten a larger one!

My newest addition is my clivia collection.  One year old plants started from seeds last year.
More to come as I ordered a couple colors I don't have and our two mother plants are getting ready to set seedpods.

Another new addition is the Abutiton/Flowering Maples, there are seedlings from seeds from a
friend in Canada that I'll be growing.  I have had a couple for years but never this many.

Here are the new seedling of Brugmansia 'Wild Thing' hybrid by Mike Usina X B. Dorathea X B. El Dorado which is JT Sessions' hybrid.  Can't wait to see these grow and bloom.

One of many eppie cactus in bloom, this year with the new bloom booster we are seeing many of our
cactus bloom!

Our oldest E. Cereus cactus had to move her back to the shade.  This one blooms ever 5 years or so and was a gift from the McClouds as it was getting way to big for them to care for it.  25+ years old???

Our third oldest Eppie Cactus was a gift from a gal I went to high school with, she obtained her plant
from Clark College when she toot Hort. classes.    17+ years old

Cactus given to us when our cousin die and his wife didn't have the means to care for it.

Our huge purple Christmas Cactus, she needs moved back on top of the rain barrel that stays in the Brugmansia House.  This house has been taken over with the Eppie cactus while the Brugmansia are out for the summer months.

My cutting of a clematis that we like, had to move here as she kept falling over with our high winds and heat.  So I thought I's try my hand at doing cuttings of her.

Just watching the Cannas grow.  We lost several that were planted in the yard but the ones in the pots are doing great!!  Mental note put cannas in pots!!  
Our veggie garden as of July 7th.
This updates you on the sides and back yard, will do the front later.

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