Tuesday, October 14, 2014

B. Sanguinea 'Karma' Seedpod

Some of you were waiting for seeds off our crossing of the above this past spring.  So sorry to say this past weekend the seedpod was found laying on the ground and didn't get any bigger since moving her to the Brug House.  When we opened it we found this:

As you can see the seeds didn't form.  What we are going to do is plant these and see what happens.
This cross was our B. Sanguinea 'Karma' X Datmansia so we think it's best we just plant them here.

We are currently keeping our toes cross for a couple more crosses we have just done prior to moving some to the Brug house.

B. Frosty Pink X B. Wild Thing

TNN's solid sport off the Reverse Variegated X B. Wild Thing

Let us know if you are interested in testing either of these seedpods.

We also took from TNN's reverse Variegated another solid sport this fall and keeping our toes crossed that she will root and grow as the other sport has.   The first one has made an awesome plant.
When we removed this last sport we were forced to cut the mom plant back to the white sport due
to the trunk was stating to decay.  Here is what we have today.

I am wanting to see this sport bloom and see if we can get seeds, I know sports are tricky and not worth some folks time, but I have time!!
This sport attracted a lot of attention when folks were here to tour.  Most folks just don't understand why variegation come from and the fact that folks need to test them.  This spot is just breath taking to see her grow and do what she does.  She was up under the solid sport so she had shade and grew like crazy.  Now that she is in the brug house we are seeing more leaves grow.  This one is the one we will allow the leaves to grow and we strip all the others once a month during the fall and winter months so they don't take over and there is a bug issue.

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