Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Health Issues

About mid summer I noticed that the photos that I was taking with my camera weren't sharp and
a lot of them were blurry.  So a friend said to stop using it and try my phone.  There was a difference
but again things were looking blurry to me.  I knew that, according to the insurance company I could only get my eye checked ever two years and glass the same so that wasn't until the first of the year.
So I head in for an eye examine in late January and all I hear is, "You are going blind"  stop smoking and you need to change your diet..... what a shocker!!  I was handed a flier on Macular Degeneration,
age related or AMD.   I knew Glaucoma runs in the family history so we were watching for this.  But cateracts aren't in the history.

It wasn't until I went to get my new glasses that I found out how bad my eyes were getting.  The sales clerk was so helpful and she saw the flier and started to ask questions.  I knew that I had a problem with a hole in the back of one eyeball and there was a darken area from photos taken in 2010.  We talked about the Amsler Grid and it must not sunk in why it was important.  He also noted a start of a
cateract but it was so small, we would watch it.  2012 I went in and no mention of the Amsler Grid and I was in and out really fast with a slight difference in one eye the other improved, so I got new glasses.  One pair for my desk top and one for outside, darker transitions.  Happy camper as I breezed through my visit.

This year was a total shock!!  If it was known I had AMD then I should have had it noted in my file and it should of been noted more visits, not just every two years, right???  Well now I have another appointment for July as my cateract went from .o5 to a solid 2 in just two years.  Again I was told not to smoke!!  Are you scratching your head here too??  

It wasn't until I started doing research on AMD did I find out what this disease was about.  More on this when I finish the last couple books on the subject.

Yes a change in diet was made, no smoking.....more on this later and according to the books one should get a good team of doctors on your side so you don't loose your eye sight.  So soon I'll be seening a specialist, lazer doctor whom will probably recomment a rentina specialist.

For those of you getting upward in the years get a Amsler Grid off the net and put it where you can
check it daily.

More will be added soon.

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