Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Last Year's Heat Record!

For the PacificNorthWest to have 30 days over 90 is just a record breaker and I spent most of my
time with the hose in my hands, just wore me out.  I kind of neglected my blog and I was also dealing
with some problems with my sight, more on that later in another post.  So sorry and I hope to do better this year with what is going on here.  It's March already and we are starting to work in the garden on nice days.  Yesterday while cloudy I was able to pull all the scalloped edgers and get them
set upright again.   We have had plenty of rain since last November so our drought is over here, we are watching the mountain tops get covered in snow!!  A good year for the skiers after last year having very little snow.  Today we are watching it rain and wind is to kick up some later today so we
will be watching the trees sway.   Late last year we had a branch come out of the neighbors' tree while  I was watching the trees sway.  I got to watch it hit the ground and pop back up and hit our
fence.  We had over $1,000 worth of damage!!  Thank goodness for insurance.......everyone read your insurance policies as some acts of nature are not covered!!   I had the inspector out a few days later to view all the photos as by the time he got here we had all the damage cleaned up.  He was so surprised
how nice it all looked and saw the full pickup of stuff taken off the yard.  When it all came down to it
we just barely broke even with the work we did and what the insurance covered.  They found that the fence had moved and 8 post had to be recemented back into place.   Needless to say all the trees are in our neighboring yards can come down in high winds so the inspector said if the winds are over so much it might be wise to take the dog and go to the mall for a while.  Why do folks plant trees so close and put huge trees on property lines.   With smaller lots sizes they should be putting in the ornamental types of trees that stay small.  But again it's their property and their cost when they have to foot the bill for damage.

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