Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Addition to the Garden / Cement Pots

 This past weekend I located a large cement pot
at a nursery that was closing their doors.  I have always
wanted a huge pot and with the redoing of the back deck
in the future this would be great to use as a focal point.
So we grabbed some equiptment, a trailer and our youngest
son and his stepson.  Off we went for an adventure!!
Here is the large cement pot that we picked up!!  Just needs some
cleaning and to be put into place.   It took all four of us to put it into
the trailer.
While there the owner pointed out a smaller cement pot that
I might love too.  So it also was put on the trailer for the ride
home.  Both have had one good scrubbing before the rain hit
so I will do it again when I get a dry day.  I have some huge
Brugmansia that sit on the driveway that will look great in these.

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