Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I found this idea on Pinterest so I modified it for what I needed.  These are my newest Brugmansia seedlings.


                'Black Bart'
                'Nora Barlow'
              'Mc Kana' Giant w/2" spurs


For the past 20 years we have added different varieties to our gardens.  We have varieties such as:
 A. v. 'Woowside Variegated w/ blue flower
 A. x h. 'Ruby Port,'
 A. h. Mc Kanna Giants of which the last photo is one of them with 2" spurs,
 A. Bonnets in both Pink and Blue,
 A. x h. 'Black Bart''
 A. v 'William Guiness Double' in both light and dark blue,
 A. v. 'Magpie,''
 A. v. 'Nora Barlow,'
 A. v. 'Nora Barlow Mix,'
 A. v. 'Sunlight White,'
 A. c. 'Yellow Star,'
 A. c. 'Biedermeier' mix of dwarf variety
 A. c. 'Fairy Pink' dwarf variety
 A. 'Harlequin' mix (add this one several times)
A, f. var p.k. 'Rosea'

We have some exciting creations and allow some to open pollinate.
We save the seeds per the mother plant and labeled them as so when we collect or put them away.

We do sell these 100 seed package for $2.50 and $1 for postage in the USA.  All international orders
are higher on the shipping, just depends on your location.  If you are interested email us at our business address:  karmahappytoes at hotmail.com so we can work out the payment arrangements.

This year we will be putting up an Aquilegia photo album on PhotoBucket so that these all can be viewed.  When we have this up we will link it here.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The clivia bloom from the Mother plant.  We hope she will bloom again this year, we have taken 
several babies from her last fall and they now have 3 and 4 leaves.   The year before last she didn't 
bloom but we obtained a couple babies that are now in one gallon pots.  We will scream if we get
more seedpods as this last set went to Europe to a grower over there.