Saturday, October 26, 2013

So sorry I have not been keeping this up, lots have been going on here and it's time to start keeping
the blog updated.

The big news is I have gotten DH on the same page, it's time to sell the house!  I have talked to a Realtor
and the next step is to start looking for a different place to live.  It all came to head when we found that
one of our neighbors hung their kill all day Monday in the front tree. The hunting gear is all over the front yard and who cares?  Then the other neighbor had a trailer of mill end dropped at the curb and did nothing with it.  Yes it's still laying where it was dropped, one opens the door in the morning to this view.

We have worked hard to make our property what it is today and look at our home as an investment.  Sorry others in the neighborhood don't share this idea.  It is time to find a new place!!

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